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How Do You Pronounce Baobab Tree?

Posted on March 03, 2014 by powbab team | 0 Comments

As with many words in the English language, there are many pronunciations that form over time. For Baobab, people have different pronunciations dependent on where they are from.

If you are from West Africa, it is pronounced as 'bau-bab

If you are from South Africa, it is pronounced as bay-O-bab or bay-O-bob


You can listen to how it is pronounced here: Merriam-Webster's dictionary pronunciation

Still feeling a little nervous about pronouncing Baobab fruit in front of your friends or at the store? We have a tip for you! Just remember:

powbab is for baobab.

And there you have it! Now this brings us to: You Say 'Tomāto', I say 'Tomäto'... for a #throwback musical from Shall We Dance, with Fred Astaire and
Ginger Rogers :) 


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What is Fair Trade?

Posted on February 18, 2014 by powbab team | 0 Comments


fair trade baobab powbabWhy does buying products made with Socially Responsible and Fair Trade practices matter? Because every purchase supports the continuing business practices of any company, whether they be fair or unfair. The consumer plays a big role and votes with every dollar spent.

Why do we at powbab® care about Social Responsibility and Fair Trade? Because it is the right thing to do.

Producers and manufacturers of certified socially responsible products and Fair Trade practices choose to make their production fair and safe for all workers and farmers. Consumers make a difference by buying products with certified ingredients and inputs.

Attention is brought to specific standards are applicable for artisans, wild collection, mining and tourism. Social responsibility and Fair Trade allow for a combination of different initiatives and certification schemes in the overall ethical and fair trade sourcing program of a company. Specific rules for contract production ensure that contract growers are treated fairly. Because contract production is a common business relationship in developing countries, fair trade rules must ensure fair treatment of smallholder contract farmers. Numerous smallholder projects in Africa that have a strong beneficial social impact for thousands of smallholder farmers are contract production projects because no traditional well-working cooperative structures exist.

powbab® Baobab is certified socially responsible and is Fair Trade by the multi-national IMO in Switzerland. This certification requires that workers enjoy fair and safe working conditions while producers promote sustainable environmental practices and maintain a role and impact in the local community. Fair Trade is a commitment to fair working conditions and practices that sets our powbab® Baobab apart from the rest.

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powbab Donates to Senegal

Posted on February 14, 2014 by powbab team | 0 Comments


Thank you to all powbab® customers who helped make it possible for a donation to Senegal for education and for agricultural education. A portion of the money will be used to teach local Senegalese how to grow vegetables and crops for their families and villages in a difficult and arid environment. We believe that sustainable living starts with knowledge of how to grow food locally to support family and local communities. We are excited to be a part of this and will continue our donations through your purchase of our powbab® Healthy Gift Sets.

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Where do Baobab Trees Grow?

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The Baobab tree is a dominant force on the African landscape in dry areas all over the continent including Madagascar, West Africa and South Africa.  Baobabs also grow in Australia having their seeds transported there from so many generations ago.  Over the centuries with trade, baobab seeds have traveled far and wide to various other countries that share similar climates for the baobab to grow and to be cherished.  

Overall, there are eight species of Adansonia, one in Africa, six in Madagascar and one in Australia. As far as historians know, the center of origin for the genus is Madagascar from where the fruits of closely related protoboab, transported by the ocean currents, reached Australia.

Photo credit: the amazing Barry Lewis

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Join our powbab® Recipe Contest!

Posted on January 26, 2014 by powbab team | 0 Comments

Join our powbab® Recipe Contest! Calling for innovative, creative and simple cooks looking for a little challenge. Use our powbab® organic baobab fruit powder to come up with some amazing new recipes that will rock this world! Selected winner will be featured and receive free powbab® product delivered to his/her door. Recipe contest information and rules found on our website: powbab® Recipe Contest Rules & Information.

All entries are due by March 1, 2014!

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