Beet Root Powder

  • powbab® Beet Root Powder is made from 100% USA Grown Whole Organic Red Beet Roots. Delivers antioxidant properties and betalain pigments that reduce oxidative damage. Our easy to use beet root powder is unsweetened with no added sugar, oil or juice concentrate. No maltodextrin or additives, making it a rare find on the market. Supports blood pressure health* and cardiovascular health*.

    Beet root helps the body produce more nitric oxide*. Studies have shown that nitric oxide helps the body reduce clotting activity of blood and lower blood pressure*. Beets possess antioxidant properties for naturally relaxing muscles and improved blood circulation*. Good for post workout and muscle recovery*. Why buy beets imported from across the world, when they grow in America? Support local farms with our Made in the USA Organic Beet Powder.

    Note: Tends to clump due to 100% Organic Beet Root content with no fillers. Place zipped bag on its side, and gently pound bag with fist or rolling pin to loosen. Or use a spoon or fork to separate.

    Non-GMO. Vegan. No Fillers. No Maltodextrin. No Juice Concentrate. No artificial colors or dyes. No gluten, dairy, soy, corn, nuts or eggs.

    Ingredients: Organic Beets. Made in the USA.

    Available in 5 oz pouch. Contains 42 servings.

  • Benefits of Beets

    Help Improve Blood Flow and Muscle Recovery: 100% Organic Beets powder provides antioxidant properties and betalain pigments, also helping the body produce nitric oxide*. Excellent for maintaining Healthy Blood Pressure* and Cardiovascular Health*.

    Beets boost nitric oxide in the body. Nitric oxide produced by the body naturally helps the blood vessels to expand, resulting in better blood flow and reduced blood clots*. Plus, nitric oxide organic beets reduce oxidative damage and possess anti-inflammatory properties* that is good for immune health*.

    Made with a unique natural drying process using low heat, thus retaining phytonutrients. Real, Clean, Plant-based Ingredients: Good for your body. No artificial colors or dyes, no stereates, no silicon dioxide, no capsules.

    Get more out of life: Prevent and Protect for Active Lifestyles including Runners, Hikers, Workouts, Daily Activity of lifting, walking, stair climbing, etc.

    Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. No artificial colors or dyes. No magnesium stereate, no malic acid, no citric acid, no maltodextrin. No synthetic ingredients.

  • Add Beets Based on Your Needs.

    Add 1-2 teaspoons to whatever you are eating.

    100% Pure beets powder is a natural deep red color, not a pinkish color when maltodextrin is added. Less sugar per serving than a beet juice organic drink. Combine powbab Beet Root Powder, powbab Coconut Water Powder, powbab Baobab Superfruit Powder, plus a squirt of lime for a refreshing drink.

    Easy to use superfood powder for smoothie recipes, or combine with other food or drink ideas for a healthy living lifestyle. Eat better, feel better!

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Customer Reviews

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Hou Leong

it's convenient enough for me to assorb what vit. and healthy elements with this kind of powder. And the dried black currant is really helpful to solve the stomach and digestive system problem.

High quality product

I really don’t like beets but apparently human bodies do. This is easy to add to vegan yogurt, smoothies, small amount on salads. Read someone else’s review regarding taste haha