Baobab Superfruit Chews®

Treat yourself everyday to an antioxidant super candy for immune system boost. One chew a day delivers high antioxidants: 100% daily antioxidant needs, Vitamins C, E, and a good source of A.

We use raw, unprocessed whole fruit and other natural ingredients to boost your immune system and support anti-aging everyday.

Good for you supplement. Immune Protection during traveling, cold & flu season, school year, long work hours, and tiredness. Recharge today. 

Antioxidants for the body.

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powbab® Supplement Bites

Discover a new and tasty way to get better health through our tasty superfood bites including: powbab® Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites for joint health* with NO strong turmeric flavor. powbab® Tart Cherry Chocolate Bites help joint, muscle, and more healthy sleep*. powbab® Elderberry Chocolate Bites for immune support*. powbab® Aronia Hazelnut Chocolate Bites for blood circulation health*. powbab® Wild Blueberry Hazelnut Bites for eye vision support*.

Our Chocolate Bites are covered with 72% cacao dark chocolate, treat yourself more often.

Everyday health support. Non-GMO. Made with Organic ingredients.

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baobab oil

100% Baobab Oil - All Natural Skincare

Replace your lotions with our organic, cold pressed 100% baobab oil.
Topical oil feeds skin Vitamins A & E and Omega fatty acids 3, 6 & 9.
Moisturizes intensely dry skin and amazing moisturizer for face, hands & feet. Use as hair conditioner.

Ideal for sensitive skin. Non-greasy. Does not clog pores. Leaves skin soft to the touch. Instant relief from dry itchy skin. Organic. Socially Responsible & is Fair Trade. Vegan.

Skincare with nutrients.

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Superfood Powders & Dried Whole Fruits

Organic and wild superfood powders and dried whole fruits that are full of phytonutrient benefits for a healthier body. Choose from powbab® Organic Baobab Superfruit Powder, powbab® Wild Blueberry Powder, powbab® Tart Cherry Powder, powbab® Aronia Berry Powder, powbab® Sambucus Elderberry Powder, & more! Easy to add to smoothies and meals. See our powbab recipes for ideas.

Vegan. Non-GMO and select are Organic.


Liver Cleanse Detox

powbab® Liver Cleanse Detox is the first research backed liver detox formula targeting repair and fat metabolism support at the cellular level*. Support healthy liver function & protection*. Plus, immune support for a healthy liver*.

Increase vitality and energy today.

baobab fair trade powbab

powbab®'s mission is to make supplements and products as natural as possible. Eat real whole food and a balanced diet. Love your body. Our products are made with high quality ingredients and care. Our Baobab is socially responsible & is Fair Trade. Our Baobab is premium, as is how our harvesters are compensated and treated.