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powbab® is a superfood company with natural products for better health, immunity, and body, inside and out.

How powbab® was started is a story of recovery and passion. Life comes with trials.  However, sometimes these trials bring us to new beginnings and discoveries. 


powbab® was started by Founder and CEO, Tina Chan, who was both career-ambitious and physically active. She was working in the investment world in corporate development and private equity and loved dancing ballet and training for triathlons on the side. However, in 2009, she suffered from a personal injury to her legs that severely worsened after a doctor gave her medicine and shots, resulting in major side effects. For some time, she was on crutches and in a wheel chair, seeking therapy and hoping that one day she would heal. The outcome was uncertain, and many times bleak. Recovery took over a year and half alongside three years of therapy, and through that time, she discovered baobab.


powbab® is not just any other business, but is a reflection of recovery and passion from living out the belief of whole eating and living. Recovery is never a given, but through knowledge and holistic understanding of how to eat, sleep, think, and exercise, the chance of feeling great everyday is possible!    

In our journey, we tried to find better whole food and superfoods from sources we could trust. Now we want to share with you our discoveries. We, at powbab®, are excited about the future of baobab and are passionate about sharing with you the health-changing message about superfoods, especially baobab!

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