Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites

  • Discover a new tasty way to get joint support with turmeric curcumin and baobab.

    powbab® Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites help overworked joints in tasty, nutty bites made with real organic peanuts. A daily dose of 2 bites delivers the equivalent curcuminoids in 1 teaspoon of regular turmeric powder. No strong turmeric flavor, just delicious nuttiness.

    Organic turmeric curcumin is paired with organic baobab superfruit to support joint health*, brain health*, cardiovascular health*, men's health*, and against free radicals*.

    Plus our Organic Balance Blend of black pepper, organic baobab, and organic coconut oil for enhanced absorption. Ideal for active lifestyles who desire more joint support, especially runners or hikers, plus for workouts and daily activity of lifting, walking, stair climbing, etc.

    Raw, simple, organic ingredients in every bite. Non-GMO.Made in the USA. Convenient and individually wrapped. Do not consume if pregnant or lactating, or if on medication or with medical condition, consult physician. Choose size:

    - 10 bite box, 3 pack

    - bulk bag, 60 count

    - bulk bag, 120 count

  • Naturally Better Ingredients.

    We use premium ingredients in our products, and powbab® Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites are no exception. Through a unique combination of ingredients, we provide solid nutrition to help joint support and outstanding taste.

    turmeric curcumin benefit supplement

    Why Eat Turmeric?

    The curcuminoids in turmeric curcumin are responsible for giving turmeric it’s bright yellow or orange color. Among the curcuminoids, curcumin is the most studied, and has shown to provide a healthy response to inflammation. In India, it traditionally has been used to soothe or relieve arthritis symptoms. Also, turmeric curcumin has been used for muscle discomfort, joint health or carpal tunnel syndrome. Curcumin provides support for men's prostate health*. Curious to learn more about turmeric? Read about Turmeric Benefits on our blog.

    How to Buy Turmeric

    Typical regular turmeric root powder has 2-3% curcuminoids, the turmeric powder that is a kitchen spice found in the grocery aisle. This is important to understand and note when reading labels and comparing turmeric supplements and products. For instance, a product might read 'curcumin turmeric 2250mg', but not show the actual breakout of '95% curcuminoids'. Remember that 95% curcuminoids is much more expensive, since the curcuminoids concentration is significantly higher than that of kitchen spice turmeric powder.

    How to Read the Label

    Our powbab® Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites daily dose is two bites, which delivers the equivalent curcuminoids found in 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder or 2,000 mg of regular turmeric root powder. We show you the actual organic curcumin content on the label. When comparing supplements, be sure to note the actual curcumin content milligrams, if it is broken out as a separate line.  Do not mix up comparing curcumin milligrams vs. turmeric powder milligrams, because this is like comparing apples to oranges. For more information about how to read turmeric labels, please visit our blog post Turmeric Benefits.

  • Perfect for every lifestyle.

    We recommend eating 2 bites a day. However, you may need more support given your activity level, which in that case, consume four or six bites a day. Do not consume more than 1 box daily unless physician directed.

    A better way to eat turmeric? Watch the video now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Loved the Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites. Great snack to tide you over until next meal. Very satisfying!

Best way to eat them is to open wrapper and shake/empty into mouth (hands-free) to get little seeds at bottom of bag.

Boabab Tree

The peanut bites are delicious. They taste somewhat like a coffee bean after chewing.

Get your turmeric in folks.

Linda Sun
Still under testing/observation

The results is unknown. Paul took the first tablet on July 25th, once a day.

Gotta try

I am a huge peanut butter fan, but I don't typically eat other peanut kind of things or bars. But these are good!! and with the turmeric, which you can't even taste. Really nice job!

Officer M
I do the combo

Defiantly a awesome product I have been strength training at the gym for three weeks. I have been using the cherry tart and the peanut turmeric this product does help in recovery. You still have to stretch, drink water, and eat high calorie foods. But the combo does work. I barely feel joint pain or muscle pain.