Supplement Bites Sampler Pack

Discover a new tasty way to get joint support with turmeric curcumin, tart cherry, and baobab. Try the best of both worlds by getting an assortment of our tasty bites to support joint health and muscle recovery.

powbab® Peanut Turmeric Supplement Bites help overworked joints in tasty, nutty bites made with real organic peanuts. A daily dose of 2 bites delivers the equivalent curcuminoids in 1 teaspoon of regular turmeric powder. No strong turmeric flavor, just delicious nuttiness. 

powbab® Tart Cherry Supplement Bites help with sore muscle recovery plus more healthy sleep in tasty, crunchy bites covered with 72% cacao dark chocolate. A daily dose of 2 bites delivers 425 mg of tart cherry with only 2 grams of sugar. Decadent taste while delivering a soothing POW of nutrient goodness. 

Supercharge your fitness routine with more health and nutrition post-recovery. More information about specific products and relative supplement facts in links above.

Raw, simple, organic ingredients in every bite. Non-GMO. Vegan. No preservatives. Made in the USA. Convenient and individually wrapped. May contain occasional fines.

Each product is available in a 10 bite box - 3 pack assortment variety. Sold as a 3-Pack.

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