Tart Cherry Chocolate Bites

  • Discover a new tasty way to get joint support with tart cherry and baobab.

    powbab® Tart Cherry Supplement Bites help with sore muscle recovery plus more healthy sleep in tasty, crunchy bites covered with 72% cacao dark chocolate. A daily dose of 2 bites delivers 425 mg of tart cherry with only 2 grams of sugar. Artisan chocolates with a soothing POW of nutrient goodness.

    Organic tart cherry (sour cherries) is paired with organic baobab superfruit to support joint health*, muscle soreness recovery*, cardiovascular health*, brain function*, and even healthy sleep*. Support against oxidative stress and free radicals*.

    Anthocyanins found in tart cherry provide antioxidants, and has shown to support healthy melatonin levels*. Baobab fruit delivers powerful Vitamin C and antioxidants. Ideal for active lifestyles who desire more joint and muscle recovery support, especially runners, hikers, workouts, and daily activity of lifting, walking, stair climbing, etc.

    Raw, simple, organic ingredients in every bite. Made in the USA. Convenient and individually wrapped. Non-GMO.Choose size:

    - 10 bite box, 3 pack

    - bulk bag, 60 count

    - bulk bag, 120 count

  • Naturally Better Ingredients.

    We use premium ingredients in our products, and powbab® Tart Cherry Supplement Bites are on the mark. Through a unique combination of ingredients, we provide solid nutrition to help joint support and outstanding taste.

    tart cherry supplement and tart cherry juice benefits

    Why Eat Tart Cherry?

    The secret to the benefits of tart cherries is found in its compounds called anthocyanins. Antocyanins possess strong antioxidant activity to help manage inflammation in the joints and muscles. Antioxidants help the body fight free radical damage that comes from stress, environmental toxins, and radiation. Interested in learning more about tart cherry? Check out our blog post: Tart Cherry Benefits that goes into a deeper dive.

  • Treat yourself more often.

    We recommend eating 2 bites a day. However, you may need more support given your activity level, which in that case, consume four or six bites a day. For better sleep, we recommend consuming during the day or right after dinner. Excellent post workout.

    How to Get Better Sleep? Watch the video now.


    Perfect for Active Lifestyles. Watch the video now.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Boabab Tree
Healthy and tasty

My body feels better after eating these, in addition to the turmeric bites. They're tasty and an easy way to boost your body.

A must have!

So yummy and small bite size, very convenient as healthy snack. All my friends like it too.

Sinee Feld
Delicious Antioxidants

I cannot say this enough times, "delicious and nutritious". I need to limit myself to the 2x day allotment, they are so good. They have a rich dark chocolate flavor without the usual calories. I'm glad they are healthy!


good taste with health benefit!

Unbelievable Results

I received a sample of the tart cherry bites with my order. For about a month I've been experiencing pain, swelling, and stiffness in my fingers. I've been trying to relieve the pain with magnesium, hand exercises, essential oils, etc. and nothing has provided immediate relief. Within taking only one sample of this tart cherry bites, the swelling, stiffness, and pain had subsided! I was amazed! I truly believe this product is the reason.