What Customers Say!

Tastes Great and GOOD for YOU!

Powbab is the best way to get your vitamins in a chew that tastes great! I keep some at home, at work, and in my purse so I never forget to take one a day. I wish I could buy it in a local store, rather than just online. 

By Lulu


Wish they were candy

I bought the 30-count bag to give them a try, and after I ate the first one, I found myself wishing I could eat them like candies. They taste pretty darn good for something that's good for you.

I like them because I'm eating less fruit right now to try to reduce my fructuose/sugar intake, but I feel like I'm missing out on critical antioxidants. Powbab fills that role for me quite nicely.

 By Christopher L.



Powbab are so good! They taste like a candy but are so good for you! Would highly recommend to everyone I know!! Love them!! :-)

By AK 


Delicious and healthy 

I have never heard of this super fruit until powbab. The best part is, it tastes great! Great to know I'm getting all the antioxidants I need in one chew! Easy breezy. 

By Eric C. 



I wasn't quite sure what to expect initially from these powbab chews but they're so tasty! They're soft and slightly larger than a starburst. The chews are full of flavor and packed with vitamins and fruit. It's a win win! The chews are shipped very quickly and include a nice letter from the owner. Initially, I just bought a 15-count bag, but next time I'm purchasing a 30-count bag so I'm well stocked for a little bit longer!

By glofishie123



I hadn't heard about Baobab until recently so I was curious to try them out. I've been trying to eat healthier with more superfruits and veggies. So I was excited to try these out since it seemed like an easy way to get anti-oxidants.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. They tasted like Now and Laters as other reviewers have commented. For those with sweet tooths, you may have to stop yourself from eating a whole bunch of them at a time.

I'm definitely buying more and would recommend those of you looking to get more nutrients in your diet to buy a pack.

By A. Chen


Tastes awesome!

I know Baobab is good for you, but the reason I like it is that it also tastes really good! My problem is I want to eat 4 or 5 or 10...

By Jigna


...And a Few More Comments
I am pretty sure this is the reason I didn't catch my co- workers colds this year.  -James W.
My skin is very nice and bright for 62...I guess these chews are packed with anti-aging agents.  -Gale D.
I love this product. I take it in the afternoon, and it gives me a little boost.  -Arlene O.
Well packed and arrived quickly! Love these! I cannot start my day without them, now... -Dessert Diva
I am obsessed with powbab. I swear it's why I have yet to get sick, despite the fact that everyone else around me has. Also, I love the face oil. It hasn't broken me out, caused eczema, or anything else.  -Laurel H.
The powbabs are excellent. I emptied two packages into bowls in the kitchen at work...they disappeared quite fast!!  -Neal