Dried Whole Cranberries

  • powbab® Dried Whole Cranberries are 100% Whole Organic Cranberries.

    USA grown Organic Cranberries with no added sugar, no oil and no juice concentrate. Our berries look beautifully plump even when dried.

    Unsweetened, and tart with a punch, powbab® Dried Whole Cranberries contain no sulfites and is 100% pure cranberry, grown and harvested in the USA for the finest quality. Support local farms with our Made in the USA powbab® Dried Whole Cranberries.

    Cranberries possess excellent antioxidant properties and promote immune, digestive and urinary tract health*. Also aids cardiovascular health and anti-aging*. Natural lifestyle choice for a kidney cleanse.*

    Our Dried Cranberries are made with a unique natural drying process using low heat, thus retaining phytonutrients. Delivers natural anthocyanins, polyphenols and ORAC. Lower sugar intake and no fillers compared to sweetened cranberries, cranberry juice or gummies. Use for toppings, baking, mix-ins or smoothies. These cranberries are tart. Tips on how to reconstitute for more 'fleshy' or sweeter cranberries under 'How to Use' tab.

    No Added Sugar. Not Freeze Dried. No Juice Concentrate. No Maltodextrin, Vegan. Non-GMO.

    Ingredients: Organic Cranberries. Made in the USA.

    Size: 2.9 oz pouch.

  • Benefits of Cranberries

    Major benefits of cranberries include rich antioxidants, natural anthocyanins, polyphenols and ORAC. Plus, Vitamin C, A and K. Delivers anti-inflammatory properties*. These antioxidant properties boost the immune system, cardiovascular, kidney, and urinary tract health, and promotes anti-aging*. Real, Clean, Plant-based Ingredients: Good for your body. No artificial colors or dyes, no stereates, no silicon dioxide. Beautiful natural red color of pure cranberries.

    Get more out of life: For Active Lifestyles including Runners, Hikers, Workouts, Daily Activity of lifting, walking, stair climbing, etc.

    Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. No artificial colors or dyes, no gelatin. No magnesium stereate, no silicon dioxide, no maltodextrin. No synthetic ingredients.

  • Add Dried Whole Cranberries Based on Your Needs.

    Add 2 tablespoons to whatever you are eating.

    High quality and aesthetically plump with natural bright red color of pure cranberries. No added sugar, so the berries are lip-suckering tart. Excellent in recipes and baking. Achieve nutrition in shakes or mix-in to yogurt.

    For a more 'fleshy' cranberry, reconstitute cranberries. A quick way is to just boil in water for a few minutes. Or, soak for a few hours until juicy. If the cranberries are too tart for you, add sugar, honey, or a sweetener to the water during the quick boil or soak. This way you control the amount of sugar added. However, adjust any baking recipes accordingly. Certain baked goods recipes may need a more 'hydrated' cranberry, as typical sweetened cranberries with sugar or apple juice concentrate, and oil are more 'hydrated'. 

    These cranberries do not taste like sweetened cranberries. Cranberries without sugar are tart and not 'fleshy'. Follow tips on how to reconstitute with water for no added calories!

    Easy to use dried superfoods for smoothie recipes, or combine with other food or drink ideas for a healthy lifestyle. Eat better, feel better!

Customer Reviews

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Agree with the other reviews!!!

This amazing company has a few products I’ve not found anywhere. So glad to have found you!!!!

Marjorie Rosenfeld
A Way to Make Organic non-Sugared Cranberry Sauce

I add only spring water bottled in glass and some stevia or monk fruit sweetener to these cranberries for a fine cranberry sauce. I simmer them in enough water just to cover the cranberries until they look done, and voila! I like a tart cranberry sauce anyway, and this makes one I rate as very good.

Addictive goodness

We LOVE these cranberries. Organic, free of inflammatory oils and sugars - they are pure goodness. Even my little ones just pop them in their mouths as a snack.

Finally dried cranberries without added sugar

Really enjoy this product, so good to find dried cranberries without any sugar added, adds a nice tartness to my breakfast of yogurt and granola!


No other company that I have found offers PLAIN ORGANIC CRANBERRIES - every other option has added oil, sugar etc. THIS PRODUCT IS SUPERIOR to anything else available.