Elderberry Chocolate Bites

  • powbab® Elderberry Chocolate Bites are made with Organic Sambucus Elderberry with Organic Dark Chocolate 72% Cacao in every bite. Artisan chocolates made for immune system support*.

    Treat yourself to this smooth in the middle, luxurious chocolate bite that is 33%-70% Less Sugar per serving than typical elderberry gummies. Our daily serving of 2 bites delivers 200mg of Sambucus Elderberry and 100mg of Organic Baobab and Acerola Berry for antioxidant and Vitamin C properties.  Our premium freeze-dried Organic Sambucus Elderberry delivers antioxidants, polyphenols, anthocyanins*.

    Elderberry is excellent for combating cold season and symptoms with powerful antioxidants and antimicrobial properties*. Our bites are more convenient and tasty than elderberry extract syrup. Simple, organic ingredients in every bite.

    Vegan. Non-GMO. No natural/artificial flavoring, no sucrose, no citric acid, no xylitol. No ascorbic acid, pectin or wax. Do not consume if allergic, sensitive, or show symptoms of discomfort to elderberry; immediately consult your physician. Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate and Baobab.

    Made in USA. Individually wrapped.

    Choose Size:

    - 42 count

    - 42 count, 3-Pack (126 count)

  • Benefits of Sambucus Elderberry

    Major benefits of elderberry include rich antioxidants, natural anthocyanins, polyphenols. Excellent for combating cold season and symptoms with powerful antioxidants*. Polyphenols have shown to be effective antimicrobials.* Organic Baobab and Tiger Nuts add prebiotic fiber.

    Our powbab artisan chocolates are a smooth luxury in your mouth, and perfect as gifts for those whom you love. Instead of an artisan chocolate bar, reach for a powbab Elderberry Chocolate Bite that will satisfy the craving and boost your immune system*!

    Family friendly. Sambucus for kids and adults, and conveniently delicious for year around health benefit. These antioxidant properties boost the immune system, and the anthocyanins help the body recover faster*. Made With Real, Clean, Plant-based Ingredients: Good for your body. No artificial colors or dyes, no flavoring agents, no sucrose, no citric acid, no xylitol. No ascorbic acid, pectin or wax.

    Get more out of life: Prevent and boost joint protection for Active Lifestyles including Runners, Hikers, Workouts, Daily Activity of lifting, walking, stair climbing, etc.

    Vegan. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. No artificial colors or dyes, no gelatin. No maltodextrin. No synthetic ingredients.

  • How to Use

    Recommended take 2 bites daily.

    Great for an everyday dark chocolate treat. If you are sensitive or allergic to elderberry or show any signs of discomfort, stop consumption and consult your physician immediately. Eat everyday for a healthy immune support lifestyle. Eat better, feel better!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great taste

These bites are so delicious. Plus you get a really great serving of elderberry.

Sinee Feld
Delicious, are you sure it's healthy?

If you like chocolate covered fruit, you will love these Elderberry Chocolate Bites.
They are soft, chocolatey and nutritious!

Wilmor Daniel
Haven’t received them as yet.

According to the tracking the parcel is still in the states and has not reached Australia as yet. I eagerly await its arrival and tasting the elderberry chocolate bliss. Thank you very much.

Refreshingly yummy!

So happy to have another healthy snack for my in between meals energy boost. This is so refreshingly yummy!