powbab® Baobab Superfruit Chews®

  • Treat yourself everyday to an antioxidant super candy taste that boosts the immune system and anti-age.

    Our original and first-of-its-kind baobab superfruit chews®. Baobab is combined with pomegranate and acai berry to bring you a delectable, fruity & tangy twist of superfood power. 

    • Immune System Boost for Everyday
    • Slow Oxidative Damage*
    • Immune Protection during traveling, cold season, flu season, school year, long work hours, and tiredness
    • 750 mg of Raw Baobab Fruit per chew 

    One chew a day gives you 100% daily antioxidant dose per chew (*3000 ORAC value per chew) with daily dose of Vitamins C & E. Good source of Vitamin A. Contains raw, unprocessed whole fruit & other natural ingredients. Antioxidants boost the immune system, reduce oxidative damage and contribute to anti-aging. Organic Baobab fruit pulp is naturally 50% fiber—no synthetics added. No preservatives. RSPO Palm Oil. NO CARRAGEENAN. Dietary supplement. Individually wrapped. Keep out of reach of children (more information in How to Use tab). Made in the USA. Made from our powbab® Baobab that is USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Fair Trade, and Wild Harvested. Our baobab superfruit chews® are Non-GMO.

  • Our original, first-to-market baobab chews are made with a unique process to ensure all nutrients of the fruit are retained in their raw state. We make nutritious superfood baobab products. powbab® baobab superfruit chews® are the natural alternative to synthetic immunity brands. Each chew delivers 3,000 umol TE ORAC of antioxidants per chew. Recommended daily value is 3,000-5,000 umol TE ORAC value.


    Antioxidants from natural food is vital for our body's health and wellness. Studies show that the intake of antioxidants slows oxidative damage to our cells, which contributes to aging. Our baobab superfruit chews will boost immunity and help with anti-aging. We recommend one chew a day; however, if you do not eat one chew a day, just load up (such as 3-4 chews) when you feel cold symptoms come on, and they will really boost immunity. These can be cut up for kids into fourths or halves as well; our chews are made with natural ingredients. If kids do not take a lot of kid vitamins, they can do whole chews; however, parents should supervise children's consumption given the chews are so tasty.

    Our antioxidant chews are excellent for Immune Protection during traveling, cold season, flu season, school year, long work hours, and tiredness.


    We use raw and unprocessed fruit in our chews, superior to other products on the market. We use natural ingredients and are relatively low sugar for the benefits gained, that is 100% antioxidant needs in every chew. We proudly make our chews from Non-GMO ingredients in the USA.

    We have improved our formula over the years, and are chews and products have no carrageenan.

    See our comparison chart in the images to learn more about how our chews compare to the others.

  • Available in:

    30-count pouch - 30 servings (30 day supply)

    6-count pouches in Grab-To-Go, 3 pack - 18 servings (18 day supply)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
almost there

love everything ab it BUT the palm oil. can you use like sunflower or hemp oil?? maybe also consider substituting inulin in place of the sugar ingredients. that's my 2 cents

Didn’t feel any different

I thought maybe I’d notice some benefit from eating the chews. I didn’t notice anything, so I can’t say that they were helpful.

Fast delivery, tastes great!

Great tasting and individually wrapped which I love! Will definitely order more.

They're so good!

We need these in Australia :D

Now or later

(Review Title) Kinda how they taste, but healthy. Invest in your health.