Antioxidants for Healthy Travel


powbab® baobab superfruit chews®

Our chews deliver 100% daily antioxidant needs per chew, plus Vitamins C, E & A. Our high antioxidant chews boost your immune system and contribute to anti-aging with natural ingredients, perfect for busy and travel plans. Great for on the road prevention or accelerating recovery through high antioxidants and raw fruit. Individually wrapped for convenience wherever you go. We recommend one chew a day; however, when traveling en route or under travel stress, we recommend an extra boost for immunity by eating a few extra chews, which is easy to do when aboard longer hauls. Not sure why you should eat antioxidants? Also, we are the first soft chew ever to be Non-GMO Project Verified, ensuring no genetic engineering in our products.

Our powbab® chews deliver benefits with 50%-75% less sugar compared to other competitor vitamin and beauty chews on the market. Our one a day chew is made from natural ingredients with a raw fruit source for Vitamin C. No synthetic sources. Ever.

When all the serving size portions and bag sizes are unmasked across our competitors, our price point is comparable or better. We are so convinced that what we offer is a premium product at a competitive price. See the stats below. Be healthy, go powbab®!

best antioxidant immune chews comparison chart - powbab






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