Campaign - May 2014

Give Nature Back.

Between May 1-31, for every purchase of powbab® 100% baobab oil 2 oz. bottle on, powbab® will plant one tree in Senegal, West Africa.

Every purchase helps fight desertification and improves the arid landscape, making the land more fertile and useable for agriculture and growing food for local communities. Through powbab’s non-profit partnership in West Africa, they continue to prove that tree planting contributes to a healthy forest, leading to an ecosystem that can provide and support useable land for growing food. Holistic agriculture methodologies and education are also getting taught to locals in West Africa through this non-profit initiative.

We are so excited about this campaign as food, agriculture, nature, and local communities are dear to our heart, and we desire to find ways to give back. We believe that in life, planting seeds will reap fruit someday. Trees may be a longer term solution to desertification, but we believe it is the most natural and beneficial to all stakeholders in that region.

Join us and make a difference with your purchase, one seed and one tree at a time.

Join the powbab.

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