• When is the Best Time to Eat Fruit? (A Good Practice for #2)

From personal practice, having a daily regimen on eating fruits seem to bring some great benefits for overall health and well being. We would like to note that eating fruit at any time of the day will always beat out eating junk food at the best time of day. What we discuss here is if you eat fruit everyday or on any day for that matter, is there a best time to eat fruit for your digestion.

The best time to eat fruit is in the morning after drinking a glass of water that re-hydrates the body after a night's rest. Drinking water first thing after waking up is probably the best regimen and you can add to your morning. Eating fruit on an empty stomach and before eating other breakfast food, increases the blood sugar, prepping your digestive system for the rest of breakfast and for the day. The enzymes in fruit help increase our energy level and provides what our body needs to support good health and a healthy gut.

Another major benefit of eating fruit second thing in the morning is that overtime (this may take months or years), the fiber in fruit is great for making material for regular bowel movements or pooping regularly. The combination of drinking water and eating a plate of a variety of fruit in the morning helps with preventing constipation and sets your body up for bowel movements right after breakfast, and cleanses the toxins in the morning, lightening your load for the rest of the day. This benefit is huge for staying healthy and feeling great.

The second best time to eat fruit in our opinion is around mid afternoon (3-4pm).  At this time, you may be hungry and wanting a snack. Fruit provides sugar for your blood sugar level, vitamins, and nutrients and is one of the best snacks. Eating fruit at mid afternoon also does not spoil dinner, and it is usually light enough that you can still work out right before dinner.

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