• How to Prevent Getting the Flu?

Flu season can be a long one when you constantly face sick family, sick kids, sick coworkers, sick students or sick friends.  It is best to be prepared, and do everything you can to keep the body healthy to avoid a sick start to the new year or holiday season that is half missed because we were sick in bed, not to mention feeling horrible.


How Long is Flu Season?

Flu symptoms are most common during the fall and winter months.  The length of flu season is not exact and can vary, dependent on weather patterns and temperatures. Influenza activity can begin as early as October, but mostly peaks between December and February.

A strong and boosted immune system is vital for this period of time when the body must adapt to colder weather, including more virus strains prevalent as it gets passed around among different people and communities.  The flu count usually accounts for people who experience flu and cold symptoms - sneezing, headaches, stomach issues, runny nose, etc., not necessarily the specific influenza specific virus strain; however, the graph below is a good indication of when people typically come down with the unwanted cold flu symptoms and are in need of cold remedies.


Peak Month of Flu Activity
1982-1983 through 2015-2016

Peak Month of Flu Activity 1982-83 through 2015-2016

Source: CDC.gov

February is usual the peak month for flu and cold symptoms and viruses to take its toll.  Second highest month is December.   From the graph, we can see that December through March are months when more people get sick with the flu and flu-like symptoms.

Given the number of disasters that have hit the United States as we head into flu season 2017-18, recalling Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, fires in Northern California and other catastrophes, our bodies will require extra vigilance as we work to recover, and the people who are without homes will be exposed to harsher elements and stress as they try to get their lives back together.  This could influence pockets of communities and their susceptibility to flu and cold symptoms.


How to Protect from the Flu and Cold?

There are many things we can do to boost our immune system to naturally protect our self from the flu, avoid getting sick, prevent a cold, stop other people catching my cold.


1) Boost your immune system.

The #1 thing we can do is have a strong body with its own working immune shield.

This means eating a healthy diet, anti-inflammatory foods, and incorporating detox methodologies in your every day diet, especially during the holidays when many of us indulge.

powbab® baobab superfruit chews® are an effective solution to fighting the flu, avoid getting sick, and preventing a cold.  Since each chew delivers 100% of your antioxidant needs, is packed with raw fruit, and delivers high Vitamins A, C & E, you can use it as you need.  Either eat one chew a day, or if not doing one a day, use it when sick symptoms come and load up by eating 3-4 chews to really get the body revved up on antioxidants and fight the cold. 

Antioxidant chews are highly effective in the flu season or cold season and excellent when traveling.  While traveling, our bodies are exposed to more elements and viruses as we sit on a plane, travel through airports, train stations and cities or places. During the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas, stress brings down our immune system, so powbab® baobab superfruit chews® are convenient and give you the antioxidant boost you need to fight the cold.

When infectious diseases breakout such as the coronavirus, the CDC, WHO and other health organizations warn that those with weakened immune systems may be more susceptible to exhibit symptoms.  The 2020 virus breakout in Wuhan, China has been very deadly, and the need to boost the immune system for people in China and around the world become even more important.


2) Stay warm.

Avoid eating cold things such as ice cream, ice cold water, or other icy foods that are more typical in the summer time.  Your organs must use energy to warm up the food to our body temp in order to digest.  Wearing enough clothes, jackets and keeping extremities warm will help our body retain heat and warmth that will help avoid getting sick.

Eat warm foods, drink soups, drink hot water, and avoid high doses of fatty, fried, refined sugar foods, that bring the immune system down.  Instead, opt for cooked greens, hearty and healthy meals, good balance of meat and vegetables that will warm your body and give you the nutrients you need to fight the ailments.


3) Do the precautions.

Avoid close contact with people who are sick, stay home when you are sick, wash your hands, cover your mouth and nose, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth and practice good health habits and good hygiene.

Do salt water gargle and rinse, multiple times a day.  Our mouths harbor a great deal of bacteria, and our mouths are usually the easiest entry way for bacteria and virus to enter the body.  Salt water kills the bacteria, and gargling right when you get up in the morning, mid day and right before bed are easy and natural ways to reduce the bacteria.  If you sleep with your mouth open, gargling salt water in the morning is best as bacteria and dry mouth build up over night. Salt water gargle and rinse may be the cheapest effective way to help shield your body from either preventing or a step towards how to get rid of cold faster.

Some people get flu shots; however, many times people who get flu shots also get sick, which really brings into question their effectiveness, and the length of how long they are good for. Also, the question of what ingredients are in a flu shot is quite important as many flu shots have metals such as aluminum, nickel, and other unwanted metals that accumulate in the body and are harmful for the body and nervous system. 


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