Powbab Launches!!

Exciting times!  A ton of hard work is now coming to life; welcome to powbab's website and news!  We love healthy living and eating.  Why?  Because if you are not healthy, then you are sick, and there is nothing worse than being alive and suffering from ailment.  No one food, product, or thing will be a cure-all (we're honest here), but every bit helps, and that's our philosophy at Powbab, Inc.  We keep it real, keep it balanced, and do our best to achieve our mission of making supplements as natural as possible.  We believe in giving our utmost effort to whatever task we have at hand.

Thanks for all the support to those who are part of making this launch possible!  And, now we really need your support by spreading the word about powbab® and our awesome baobab superfruit chews!  

More news to come; send us feedback - we will listen!

Join the powbab.

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