• What does Baobab Fruit Taste Like?

Baobab is our specialty here at powbab, but how about the question of what does baobab taste like?  For one, you can try baobab in our chews, as each soft chew has 750 mg of raw baobab fruit.  But, if you were to eat baobab fruit on its own, I would liken it to the following description:

Baobab alone is a bit...chalky of a texture.  The pale powder covers your mouth and the roof of your mouth.  Almost like flour but unlike flour where you taste the real wheaty-ness, baobab is a little tangy, almost citri-sy kind of flavor.  The baobab powder is naturally dehydrated and amazingly retains its nutrients.  Baobab also is known as monkey bread, and in some ways when you eat a mouthful of baobab, it's like eating a mouthful of bread...except without anything processed and it won't stick to your hips! :)  It's like nature's fine cake batter ingredient that comes straight from the shell.  Pretty cool!


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