Big Baobab Bar

If you enjoy libations, baobab has a surprise for you!  There is a pub inside a baobab tree called the Big Baobab Bar in Limpopo Province, South Africa.  A baobab tree can store massive amounts of water in its trunk—up to 120,000 litres (32,000 gallons), which makes for a massive size. Unlike deciduous tree that grows in seasonal concentric circles, Baobabs grow in chunky spurts that often lead to hollow areas inside the tree.

And, in this case, as we love entrepreneurial ventures here at powbab, someone in South Africa decided to locate his bar inside the tree!  Check it out for yourself!  



Big Baobab Bar is the only bar in the world that is located inside a tree!  Baobabs are special trees indeed.

In addition to its 'in-a-tree' bar, Sunland Baobab runs a treehouse restaurant.  They also offer overnight accommodations in A-frame bungalows (or “jungalows” as some people call them) for only R250 (US$35, €25, a baobab deal!) There’s a swimming pool on the grounds and biking trails.  Now that is an exciting vacation destination!

Sources:, barcroft media

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