A Customer Loving powbab!

We at powbab are feeling LOVED!  There seem to be a few new powbab fans out there, and they are telling us! Here is one composition written by a customer named Ashley.  Her photo is so cute!  She even has an 'I heart' tee on!


  -Written by one of our powbab customers, Ashley

The other day, my friends and I were casually discussing everyday concerns and drama after our classes were over for the day. From sleepless nights to sitting in desks all day, we were clearly tired and wishing our high school days were over! While complaining about the massive pile of homework and the lack of fun in our summers, we pulled out our snacks to munch our stresses away. As my friends peeled away their brightly colored starbursts wrappers and popped the chews into their mouths, they stared as I pulled out an unusual miniature cube with a silver wrapping. As I peeled the wrapper away and popped the chew into my mouth, they cocked their heads to one side in confusion asking, “Did Starbursts make a new flavor?” I laughed and pulled out the bag of Powbab chews and passed them out. While they have the soft, chewy consistency and sweet flavor, Powbab is chock-full of vitamins and antioxidants considering how similar it tasted like any other chewy candy. As a busy high school student, I don’t have time to sit down and prepare a snack and have been on the lookout for healthy bars and chews for healthy snack replacements. Whenever I had a craving for sweets but didn’t want the guilt that followed it, I easily avoided my usual snack of ice cream or chips reached for the Powbab chews! For any busy bodies out there who want to save time but also maintain a healthy diet get some Powbab for yourself!

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