NOOCH | Vegan Market Carrying powbab!


We are excited for our new retailers who are carrying powbab--the latest is NOOCH | Vegan Market in Denver, Colorado.  We think NOOCH is such an interesting name...It is named after a common shortened name for nutritional yeast flakes, a good source of B12 and a popular ingredient in vegan cooking.  

What can you find at NOOCH Vegan Market?  "We have groceries, vegan junk food, local produce, pre-packaged meals from the Vegan Van and The Garden in Park Hill, as well as clothing and books available." says owner Joshua LaBure.  Furthermore, he says "We're excited to provide an environment where you don't have to read labels."

Now that's our kind of store with our kind of product.  Thanks NOOCH!  If you are grocery shopping in the Denver area, please support! 


NOOCH | Vegan Market

3360 Larimer Street

Denver, Colorado  80205

(720) 328-5324 

Join the powbab.

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