• Honey the Superfood - How to Save the Bees

Sweet as Honey is how we want to be, but did you know that honey, although a delightful sweetener is a nutrition packed superfood?  The vitamins in honey are B6, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid and certain amino acids. Honey also contains minerals including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc.  A spoonful of honey makes anything go down.

We have a powbab® simple baobab drink recipe that uses honey. Easy to make, it only uses baobab, lemon and honey, and is alkaline for your system.   Excellent for throat soreness or if you plan to talk a lot.  The drink soothes the throat, while giving you a Vitamin C boost.

How to Save the Bees

Bees are essential to our food ecosystem.  Without them, our vegetables will not produce fruit, they are the pollinators.  As honey bees collect pollen and nectar as food from flowers for the entire colony, they pollinate plants.  Nectar stored within their stomachs is passed from one worker bee to the next until the water within it reduces.   At this point, nectar becomes honey, which is stored in the honeycomb.

honey bee on flower pollinator

Around the world, bees are losing habitat because people do not grow diverse, organic gardens where all types of plants grow together, working to produce delicious flavors naturally.  These intensive monoculture-based farming practices, plus pesticide laden suburban green grass lawns are killing bees.  What can we do?

“Grow a garden, not grass. You can help save the bees”
-the powbab Manifesto

Growing a garden with flowering and/or fruit bearing plants will be beneficial to both you and the bees.  You will be amazed at the flavors from your organic garden.  Grow flowers and flowering herbs in your garden to attract more bees, which will build them up for future years.

Do not use chemicals and pesticides to treat your lawn or garden, use more area for ground cover, flower plants, vegetable garden.  If you have never started a garden, start really small.  

Buy local, raw honey.  Serves double duty as it is good for reducing hayfever symptoms.
Bees are thirsty, leave a small basin of rainwater outside your home or in the garden.  Bird baths serve so many functions.

Give some thought to these ideas in the spring so you are set with a plan for summer.

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