• Synthetic vs. Natural Vitamin C - How to Tell?

Vitamin C is a vitamin found in food and in dietary supplements.  It is also known as ascorbic acid and L-ascorbic acid.  Vitamin C is water soluble and low toxicity, and excesses in the blood are rapidly excreted in the urine.  Essentially, it is central to a healthy diet and acts as a highly effective antioxidant that reduces oxidative damage and stress.  

The Source of Vitamin C Matters

There is a difference, however, between the Vitamin C that is naturally found in foods we eat compared to the ‘ascorbic acid’ (words) read on a nutrition fact panel or label.  The term ‘ascorbic acid’ that is on a food label or a supplement fact label indicates that it is manufactured in a laboratory.  The sources may be from food, but the standards are low as they need to contain at a minimum 10% plant or fruit derived ingredients.  The other 90% could be synthetic.

This means that whenever you see ‘ascorbic acid’ on an ingredient list, it is a synthetic form.  When you read the words ‘Vitamin C’ on a label, the best assumption is it means some form of ‘ascorbic acid,’ but they wanted it to sound more natural so that is why they used the term ‘Vitamin C.’  Usually ascorbic acid is derived from genetically modified corn sugar that is hydrogenated and processed with acetone.  So not only do you have a synthetic issue, but also a GMO issue that many people are starting to understand.

The best source of your Vitamin C is to eat food and supplements that use FOOD as their source.  You will see that it is hard to find.  This is what makes powbab different, and better.  From the start of our company, we have been using food sources as the source of Vitamin C in our products.  Quite frankly, we did it because we wanted it for ourselves, supplements and products that use real food ingredients.

Why do other companies not use natural food Vitamin C sources?

The answer is simple.  It is cost.  Using real food ingredients for your Vitamin C source is more expensive.  This is why our baobab superfruit chews® are one of the highest quality immune boosters on the market.  We derive our Vitamin C source from FRUIT.  Plain and simple.  Our natural ingredients are clean, and we are the first chew of our kind to be Non-GMO Project Verified.   

Read your labels; it makes a world (and health) of a difference.

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