• Tips on Reducing Radiation Exposure

Wifi and cell phones are part of everyday life, and most of us cannot operate without it. Our environmental radiation is increasing as we have faster wifi, better coverage, wicked fast internet. Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Your body tissue nearest the antenna can absorb this energy (phone gets hot). Exposure to ionizing radiation, such as from x-rays, is known to increase the risk of cancer.

Radiation From Flying

There seems to be disputing arguments over whether flying increases your radiation exposure. No matter what, radiation in the sky is different from that on earth. And, by the time you go through the full body scanner (which was very controversial for years after being implemented in all airports since scientists were wrong at levels of 10x the exposed radiation that they originally purported), exposure to public places where viruses are easily transmittable, and radiation from your cell phone that you put up to your ear to make a call (radiation is most high when it is initially dialing out the call), and playing with your electronic devices the time up to the flight, during and after landing. I think everyone can agree that you have been exposed to more radiation from all these activities and procedures than if you just stayed at home. We personally support trying to find ways to reduce the exposure with a few practical tips.

Cell Phone Calls

First, do not make calls with the phone at your ear (calls do emit more radiation than surfing the web). If you call someone, it is best to get a hands free wire or leave it on the table or chair arm rest, and do not leave the phone in your pocket, especially for men. The device generates a lot of heat and is espeically bad for mens's reproductive organs.  Kids should avoid using the cell phone against their ear.

Metal Detector is Better

Get TSA Pre. When you fly TSA Pre you do not have long lines, and you walk through a metal detector instead of the full body scan. The metal detector has less radiation exposure. If TSA Pre is not an option, ‘opt out’ for the pat down rather than the scan. It is a pain, but if they do not allow pregnant women and children to use the full body scanner, then why should you be exposed? There is obviously a reason.

X-Ray Machine Exposure

Be wary of putting food through the X-ray machine. Prior to thinking about this, we brought food all the time on our flights.  Someone brought up that she NEVER did this because of the X-ray radiation. There is plenty of evidence that human exposure to X-rays increases the risk of cancer, and as far we understand this is widely accepted (this is why they use those lead vests).  Therefore, putting food through an X-ray machine would expose the food to radiation. Perhaps the food at the airport also undergoes X-ray exposure, we do not know for sure, but it would make sense that it is.  However, the food is trucked in larger quantities, in boxes and cases, rather than a single apple in a brown paper bag. This is something to consider.

Antioxidant Boost

Load up on antioxidants. For all the viruses you are exposed to in public spaces and for hours at a time, and tens of hours on international fights, your immunity needs a boost. Drink plenty of fluids and stay hydrated (probably most important). It is easy to get run down and not eat as healthy while traveling, this is why antioxidants become very important to keep your body protected with a strong immune system.

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