• What About Fried and Junk Food?

Who doesn't like it fried?  We all have our times where comfort food: pizza, fried chicken, fries, tempura, juicy burger (you know where the juice comes from, right?) are just what we want.  Don't mention the cake, brownies, cookies, and ice cream.  We all have those times.  And, nothing wrong with eating fried food, on occasion...so long as fruit and vegetables take center plate most of the time.  The energy, 'clean feeling', settled stomach you feel after a healthy and delicious meal is unparalleled, which then dictates how you feel after eating oily fried food/comfort food.  After eating a clean diet day in day out, the occasional comfort food desire may come, but is not what it used to be.

People who are inclined to smoke or binge eat oily fried foods on a daily basis, are much more likely headed for chronic oxidative stress.  You can cut down portion sizes and substitute vegetables instead, which would help; however, eating these comfort foods on a daily basis usually prolongs the craving and so the vegetables are not usually enjoyed, but out of obligation.  The key is a gradual process over time of cutting back on comfort foods that spike sugar levels and amplify junk food cravings, and eat more fruits and vegetables that have their antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that actually power the body with vitality and energy. 

food salad vegetables

Superfoods, like baobab fruit, are a great option to add in because baobab, for instance, delivers high levels of antioxidants (higher than acai, 2.5x that of pomegranates), is a FIBER POWERHOUSE, and other important vitamins and minerals.  Fiber helps satiate and helps reduce constipation, because being regular (that is going poop 1-3 times a day) is how you get rid of toxins (literally, think about it) and makes you feel so light and ready to tackle your day.

Fat is also important in the diet.  This helps your brain, satiate your hunger, and many other functions.  Get your fat from whole milk, avocados, nuts, and other healthy fats.  Although all this knowledge is great, the biggest question is: will you do it?  Because the lifestyle of actually cooking your own food is the hardest part. We live in a fast paced, high-tech society and it takes more work now to eat home-cooked meals than a couple of generations before.

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