• powbab in VegNews!


Exciting press!  Powbab has been chosen as 'This Week's Must Have' on VegNews!  We are honored to be selected, and we are excited for all vegans to try our baobab supplement!  In fact, we got many 'likes' from the vegans who attended a local Chicago Vegan potluck we hosted last night at the Indigo Studio in conjunction with Indigo Dance and Flex Pilates.  Powbab is vegan excitement, especially when one learns about baobab and its incredible nutritional qualities, including 2.5x more antioxidants than pomegranates, 50% fiber, more iron than red meat, more calcium than milk, and much more.  For our eye catching baobab graphs, click here.

"Satisfy your sweet tooth and boost your immunity with these berry wonderful fruit chews." - VegNews




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