• Baobab Garden Vegetable Appetizers

Food is beautiful, as this Baobab Garden Vegetable Appetizer recipe will delight the eyes and senses. Our powbab® baobab powder adds an antioxidant punch with fiber. This recipe is simple and colorful, perfect for entertaining or for a quick bite or munchie in the afternoon. Can be made vegan, gluten free and paleo. Created by the talented @onnami who never ceases to come up with artful #powbablove recipes. Enjoy this one!

Baobab Garden Vegetable Appetizers



Yucan toast crunch cracker (made from yucca and paleo) or sliced french baguette

Cream cheese (or vegan cheese)

Beet juice soaked cauliflower (a few large florets)

1 teaspoon of powbab® organic baobab superfruit powder

1/4 teaspoon coconut sugar



Blanched green peas

Blanched corn

Sliced radishes


Chia seeds

Green onions

Matcha powder



  1. Soak cauliflower in beet juice overnight.
  2. Lay bread out on platter
  3. Spread cream cheese (or vegan cheese)
  4. Take beet juice soaked cauliflower and blend with powbab® baobab and coconut sugar
  5. Place blended cauliflower on cheese
  6. Add peas, corn, sliced radishes, and blackberries. Consider slicing the blackberries.
  7. Sprinkle on the chia seeds, green onions and matcha powder. Serve and enjoy!

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