• Tri-Color Morning Baobab Smoothie

Tri-color smoothies are so much fun, and got some superfood...POW💥 from our powbab organic fair trade baobab powder that is so easy to use! Did you know powbab baobab powder is good for body recovery? Especially those who are pregnant or new moms 🤱🏼💃🐣❣️

Lots of important potassium electrolytes, Vitamin C, fiber...


Tri-Color Morning Baobab Smoothie Recipe


1/2 orange 🍊

1 kiwi 🥝

1/2 apple 🍎

Chunks of pineapple 🍍

1 spoonful of 🥄 of peanut butter or nut butter

2 teaspoons of powbab® organic baobab superfruit powder

Splash of nut milk

+ Raspberries next

+ Blueberries



Granola on bottom
Decorate with chia and oat flakes cereal on top




  1. Blend together ingredients for smoothie base. 
  2. Place granola on bottom of cup.
  3. Pour some of smoothie base out for first layer.
  4. Then, blend in raspberries.  Pour some more out.
  5. Last, blend in blueberries.
  6. Decorate with chia and oat flakes cereal on top

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