• Green Mango Baobab Smoothie Bowl

The green from the spinach is lightened up by the fruits, making for a fresh looking smoothie base and the almond butter drizzle makes it so delicious. Powered by our powbab® baobab superfruit powder with antioxidants and electrolytes. Thank you for this fuel your body recipe @thelodownonhealthy!



Green Mango Baobab Smoothie Bowl


teaspoons of powbab® organic baobab superfruit powder

1 partially thawed frozen banana (15 seconds in the microwave, or leave out for 15-20 min)

2/3 cup frozen mango

2/3 cup frozen strawberries

2 handfuls frozen spinach

3/4 scoop vanilla whey protein powder



Cocoa clusters cereal

Raw dandelion honey

Raw cacao nibs

Black chia seeds

Fresh organic raspberries

Fresh organic blueberries

Shredded coconut flakes

Classic almond butter



Blend together ingredients for smoothie base. Add toppings, leaving the coconut flakes at end, and finish by drizzling the classic almond butter. Enjoy!

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