How Tall are Baobab Trees?

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Baobabs can grow quite tall as well, reaching heights of 16 to 98 feet, equivalent to approximately an eight story building. Given that the Baobab tree is a succulent plant, it does not have distinct growth rings typical of hardwood trees. Baobab wood is not good for ordinary timber because it is so fibrous and spongy and is more like balsa wood than hardwood.

The Baobab can grow to be enormous. The baobab trunk looks almost swollen and has some of the widest tree trunks in the world, with trunk diameters averaging 23 to 36 feet. The trunk can hold up to 60,000 gallons of rainwater, an incredible resource for both man and animal in the arid climate.

One baobab tree found in South Africa known as the 'Big Baobab' has a circumference of 154 feet (47 meters), and can fit 60 people inside the trunk! Crazy to think that so many people could fit inside a tree. It would be the biggest tree party ever!

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