• What do Baobab Flowers Look Like?

The Baobab blooms at the end of the dry season.  The flowers are large and heavy white, drooping down on long stalks.  These beautiful flowers bloom at night and have waxy crinkled petals that surround stamens that look like powder puffs.  The Baobab flowers in Madagascar are a bit more colorful with magenta and yellow hues.  The Baobab flowers are pollinated at night by bats, giant hawk moths, and mouse lemurs.  The bats and the moths come to feed on the nectar, a sugary liquid, and as they go tree to tree, they transfer the pollen.  The mouse lemurs feed on the nectar and the moths, transferring the pollen on their fur, thereby pollinating the Baobabs as they travel tree to tree.

Once these large beautiful flowers are pollinated, the fruit that grows into this green fuzzy fruit that eventually becomes brown and spotted, and the pulp is naturally dehydrated. This baobab superfruit has so many health benefits and easy to use in recipes. Get excited with the possibilities of baobab!


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